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Jan 30, 2001 05:52 PM

Brewpub with Jukebox

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I know this is somewhat vague, but I was at a brewpub in Chicago a couple of years ago that had a terrific, eclectic jukebox that was (at the time of my visit anyway) free. Anyone know which place I'm thinking of and if they're still around? I don't recall the name or even the general area, but the place was comfortable, informal and the beers (I believe at least 8 were being offered on my visit) were very good.

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  1. That might just be Goose Island. The building it used to be in was torn down. It's now located (near the old spot) just off of Clyborn, north of North Ave., in the shopping plaza with Bed Bath & Beyond. A friend from Japan is in town who mentioned his love for Goose Island beer and wished he could serve it in his bar in Tokyo... so last nights original drinking/dinner plans were diverted over to the Goose Island brew pub. The jukebox: yes it's free and it's chock full of an eclectic, excellent selection (Queens of the Stone Age- YEAH!). The food is good, creative pub fare and the beer is VERY drinkable. Decor is comfy but I wish they'd dim the lights a bit... oh well, after the 3rd pint I didn't notice as much.

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      The building around GI was torn down; the brewpub never moved an inch. It was not an easy time for them, running a restaurant in a demolition zone.

      Today there is a second GI, Goose Island Wrigleyville, just around the corner from the friendly confines. If you're in the area March 1-3, you should check out the Real Ale Festival, which will be at GIW.

      Then there is the large brewery that produces their kegged and bottled beer.


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        Goose Island it is. Thanks for the info.