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Jan 29, 2001 06:30 PM

Black-and-Whites (aka half moon cookies) What bakerys make them in Chicago?

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Thanks Lee for finding me in NYC's chowhound, I was lost. I appreciate the suggestions re: my search for my old favorite cookies. Does anyone out there know where to find Black-and-Whites in town? Thanks, Colleen

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    Anne Kamykowski

    Gittels on Devon just east of California has black and white cookies. They also have good cakes and hammentashen in season. They are the closet I've found to a NYC bakery here. Gittels reminds me of Shelley's in Jackson Heights or Peter PAn in Forest Hills.

    1. There's a couple places in Skokie (I think) called New York Bagels and Bialys. They have them there. They taste pretty good to me but I'm not from New York. Good luck in your quest!