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Jan 25, 2001 09:09 AM

Chicago Italian Beef

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Someone please help!!!

I'm a transplanted Chicagoan living in the South. The folks around here have no idea what an Italian beef sandwich is. I am going through withdrawls!!!
Does anyone have a recipe for a Chicago style beef?
I would like to try and get it as close to Johnnies on North Ave as possible.


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  1. scroll down below - there are several threads on Italian Beef, some with recipes, some with information about places that will ship to you. There is one that specifically says "recipe for italian beef and dipping gravy"

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    1. re: helper

      Thanks..I will try that sometime.
      I'm really looking for one more like Johnnies on North Ave....not sliced.


      1. re: Paul

        I just had Johnies yesterday (and it was so, so good)and you do know they use Scala? I think you can order from them if you're completely jonesing for the real thing. I feel your pain.

        1. re: bryan

          Forgot to add: I don't know what part of the south you're in but I've had roast beef po-boys in NO that were similar to our beefs - please note - similar, not the same. But it could pull you thru the badness.