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Dec 30, 2000 02:17 AM

Lou Lou

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Anyone been? It's on Damen Ave. near Webster. It intrigues me every time I drive by.

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  1. Is it on the corner of Roscoe? If so, it's a pretty decent Italian place. Worth a stop if you're in the area. Somewhat on the pricey side, though.

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    1. re: Cliff Abrams

      Yup that's the joint. Will give it a try soon and report back. Thanks Cliff and what did you eat there?

      1. re: bryan

        You're welcome. Veal chop, i think.

    2. Lou Lou is part of the Bar Louie family. The menu is mainly pasta, salads and pizzas. The pizzas are good, and cheap, they are similar to thin crust but more meat on them. The spinach salad was covered in blue cheese and a bit too much. The drinks are pretty good and the main focus. I had a "bucktown... something" which was for the chocolate hound in me. My husband and I have gone there twice. If you are in the area, confusion has reopened as "commune" it looks like a giant starbucks, fireplace and big leather chairs, sells cookies by the plate and they look very yummy, great date place.