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Dec 29, 2000 09:38 AM

Sushi delivery on northside of chicago?

  • j

i just moved to chicago i live on w. hollywood ave. right at the end of lake shore drive. I was wondering if anybody knows of any places that deliver sushi around here. thank you.

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  1. Jimmy,

    I'd try Katsu, on Peterson. 2651 W. Peterson. 773.784.3383. Closed Tuesday.

    Erik M.

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    1. re: Erik M.

      Sanko on N. Clark delivers but you're out of their area so they'de charge extra.

      1. re: Erik M.
        Toni Donahue


        Are you a fan of this place? Is it fresh enough? This is very near my house and I am excited. There are so few places, sushi or other, that are any good for delivery in this part of the city.

        1. re: Toni Donahue


          I've posted on Katsu before. Others have, as well. [Look back through the Chicago board posts.] Unless you want to drive to Evanston, or Wicker Park, you won't do better, IMO.
          I know that you specifically asked about take out/delivery... It's worth eating in, at least once. They have some wonderful soups and grilled items.

          Erik M.

      2. The original comment has been removed