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Dec 27, 2000 04:06 PM

Lithuanian Restaurants

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Are there any Lithuanian resaurants still open in the Chi. area? I understand that the old ones in Marquette Pk. have closed. I need a kugelis fix...~!
I'm still working on getting my own to come close to what my mom used to make.

Starving Lugan...

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  1. There are still a few good Lithuanians in Marquette Park, and the venerable Healthy Food Restaurant on Halsted, but I am blown away by the Lithuanian food at Mabenka in or near Cicero. Kugelis to die for.

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      Mabenka is not in Cicero...It is the town of Burbank, on Cicero Ave....7844 South Cicero Avenue, Burbank, IL 60459 (708) 423-7679
      Food and service are excellent, but the restaurant focuses mainly on polish cuisine..with a few select lithuanian dishes....Nothing can compare with Lithuanian Plaza in it's hey-day..on Chicago South Side....Tragically, culture and community destroyed by a high crime rate and strong gang presence. They are only open in the early hours of the day...The Baltic Bakery and Talman Deli still remain on Lithuanian Plaza, not far from Marquette Park.

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        Just to update this post:
        Healthy Food Restaurant closed a few years ago.
        Dukes is still a good pick, as noted below.
        A little gem in Westmont is Ruta.

      2. Grand dukes

        6312 s Harlem ave
        Summit IL 60501

        Tel.: 708 594 5622