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Dec 21, 2000 06:00 AM

Fried and/or steamed clams

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Oh Lord. I made the mistake of going to the New England board whilst hungry. I am now craving steamed or fried clams in the worst way. Any suggestions in Chicago? Help!

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  1. have you tried Red Lobster?


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    1. re: lee

      My father has raved in the past about the oysters at Blue Point, at randolph and halsted. I can't vouch for the quality (or presence) of fried oysters, but if you have a shellfish yen this might be the place.


      1. re: Seth Zurer

        Omigod. This poor guy is asking for clams and you offer him oysters! As if there's no difference... What an affront! A fried oyster is about as similar to a fried clam as it is to a chicken fried steak! Seth, are you snowblind out there in the Midwest, or do you just think Lee, who's also stuck out there, won't know the difference?

        (TWAJ) ;)


        1. re: MU

          Only slightly snowblind--my apologies for the gaffe. The intended meaning of my message was "I can't vouch for the presence of fried _clams_, but oysters might prove a tasty (and nutritious) substitute."

          A slight amendment, upon a telephone inquiry, the Bluepoint staff said "Fried Clams? We don't have them on the menu, but we can do them for you". So take that however you will. If general quality is any indication, they may be good.

          Though fried clams are not mentioned explicitly on the Shaw's menu, they have other clam entrees, and you may be able to wheedle some fried ones out of the kitchen if you are particularly charming. And shaw's is (like bluepoint) pretty good in general.

          I wish I could give recommendations based on actual fried clam experience, but it rarely occurs to me that Chicago would be a good place to eat fried clams, so I rarely order them. But I understand the need. (And the specificity of it, MU)

          If you really need a fix--hop on a plane, go to DC, walk in to Kinkeads, order the incredible fried Ipswich Clams, and relax with images of deep fried lemon slices, and sweet golden plump clams, with incredible aioli/tartar sauce swimming through your clam-fevered mind. But that's a topic for another board.

          1. re: Seth Zurer

            Ooooh that last paragraph hurt. Thanks for the ideas. A friend said Chicago Joes has steamers. Anyone tried them there? I've had good luck with the oysters there. Which, BTW, are no substitute for a clam jones.

      2. re: lee

        No. Nor do I intend to.

        1. re: bryan

          pish tosh! beggers can't be choosers ;)

          but they aren't bad, all things considered. And if you need fried clams, I bet you dollars to donuts that they'll have them.

      3. You might try the Half Shell on Diversey :)