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Dec 13, 2000 11:03 AM

Chinese and a movie

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I'm trying to formulate plans to observe a traditional Christmas according to ancient Jewish custom--chinese food and a movie. At least, this was always the tradition in my old home of DC. Good chinese suggestions? Close to a theater showing O brother where art thou? Close to public transport?

Other hebrew hounds planning on observing the same way? Or is this strictly an east coast/people of new york descent tradition?

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  1. oh this definitely happens in Chicago too :) I am not sure where else you will have both REALLY close together, but there is a Chinese restaurant walking distance to the new Evanston movie theaters. The Chinese place is on Davis just West of Chicago ave, I think it is called Phoenix something. The movies are about 2-3 blocks further West, and maybe one block South (you can't miss them) and the Davis street Metra and eL tracks are right there too.

    Not sure if they are showing the right movie, though...

    hope this helps,

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      Caution: The Phoenix Inn on Davis is horrible--worse than middle of the road. If you're in Evanston, why not try Thai and a movie? Blue Saphire is wonderful. Thai Sookdee is good.

      I can't think of good Chinese in Evanston.

    2. Ah, Seth, I too am an emigre from DeeCee to the Midwest and share your craving for the Jewish ritual of a movie and Chinese (what else can you do on December 25?). I live in Southeast Wisconsin and may venture to the Windy City with my children between Xmas and New Year's. The little ones seem to have an unexplainable attraction to the Navy Pier. (Some event called Dinofest may prove unavoidable.)

      Are there any decent, child friendly (ethnic food of any kind would be great) places in that general vicinity? Anywhere else in the city? What else is worth checking out in the Shedd Aquarium and major museum neighborhoods?

      While you're at it, are there any suggestions for great things to do with kids in the Second City beyond the standard fare?

      Many thanks in advance.

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        Just about everything in Navy Pier is Kid-Friendly, there's both a food court and several restaurants, including Bubba Gump's Shrimp something-or-other

        There are restaurants in each museum on the museum campus - the Field has McDonald's and Corner Bakery - sandwiches, soup, salads, pastries. The Shedd has some food court-ish stuff and a sit-down fine dining place. Adler has some sort of cafe.

        See the museum websites at

      2. m
        Minneapolis Jew

        That's what we do here on Christmas too. Isn't Chinese and a movie on Christmas one of the 613 commandments? It's nice to know that Jews from all over follow this "ancient Jewish custom"!