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Dec 7, 2000 07:24 PM

Italian Beef Sandwiches

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Little Joes in LaGrange was my favorite place for Hot beef sandwiches when I still lived in the Chicago area. I want to recreate the feeling (in my stomach) at a Christmas party for 100 people next week.

I figure to use store bought sliced roast beef for the meat- (good butcher) in a nesco but I need a recipe for the "sauce"

I remember Green peppers and Onions in an au juice type greasey tell anyone know what it takes to savor the flavor???


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  1. Gee I hate to tell you this but roasting the beef yourself is what's going to give you the gravy. Or you could doctor up La Scalas gravy - at the deli counter (Jewel, Dominicks) with a little garlic, sauteed onions, etc.

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      Tony McCarroll

      Al would be upset to know that two people could have such an unfortunate lack of knowledge on the subject of Italian Beef.

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        There was a thread on chi.eats at the beginning of November called Italian beef recipe? Posters gave both recipes and URLs for online recipes for Italian beef. A subject/forum search at DejaNews ( will find it.