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Nov 24, 2000 03:30 AM

Best Bloody in Chicago

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It has handsdown gotta be the bloody mary they make at the Ritz. Bartenders secret is something called Duffys Sauce. It's a combo of tabasco, worchetishire, celery salt and "secret spices". Found some at Paternos and have been on a bloody mary kick ever since then. He also adds the regular stuff as well as Duffys. Soooo good I may have to give AA a call soon. Any other nominations?

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  1. m
    Matt Hammatt

    Sheffield's (at Sheffield and School) makes a great Sunday afternoon bloody. Also, the Empty Bottle (on Western at Thomas) makes an amazing bloody (with red wine, Guiness and lots of horseradish), but if you're hanging at the Ritz drinking them, the Bottle may be a bit tattered for your taste...

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    1. re: Matt Hammatt

      Thanks for the reply Matt. Unfortunately hanging at the Ritz is not always financially viable for me. (All the time that is). And I can get behind a shabby bar without difficulty. My Dad taught me to be an equal opportunity alcoholic. Guiness? Hmmm. Sounds like a must try.

    2. Twisted Spoke at Grand and Ogden has the best bloody in Chicago. It is known as a meal in a glass and comes with a beer chaser. The brunch is pretty fabulous too, but for the higher class drunk, try the bloody any day of the week.