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Nov 11, 2000 07:46 PM

Bennihana Sushi--99 cents!!!

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I was skeptical, to say the least, when my Japanese friend recommended Bennihana for sushi. But, to my surprise, the sushi was damn good and fresh. The selling point, and this is the clincher, is the price. Only 99 cents for nigiri by the piece, and $2.50 for maki rolls. It doesn't get any cheaper for what I thought was fresh, mid-grade fish.

The sushi bar is in the basement. Sit at the counter for the most atmosphere or go with a group and make your own fun.

Bennihana's on Superior just East of Michigan Ave.

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  1. define mid-grade. And what else did you have? Inquiring minds.

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      Mid-grade? Mid-grade would be in between some rank and rubbery fish one might get at, say, the Whole Foods sushi counter (or any other takeout sushi establishment) and a wonderful, fresh, supple, rich, and clean piece of sashimi that Mirai is becoming known for serving. I don't know how else to describe it.

      At Bennihana I had tuna, yellowtail, eel, mackerel, and salmon. All were pleasant. Certainly I didn't run the gamut but these are usually a good indication of overall quality. Remember, it's 99 cents a piece!!