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Nov 6, 2000 04:48 AM

British Foodstuffs

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On the International Board someone mentioned a British food shop in Chicago. He said he thought it might be west of Wacker somewhere. He'd been to Printers Row bookfair so I'm guessing it's somewhere in that vicinity. Any ideas? Would love an address and/or name. Failing that, a place to find English sausages about town. Thanks.

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  1. Hi,

    there's a small shop in Long Grove (which is out by Buffalo Grove :) that has British Foods. This is part of that whole little touristy town they have set up there with other shops - Scandinavian, Irish, French, Christmas, Candy, etc. There is also British (among other) candy at the bulk candy store there.

    No idea where in the South Loop to look, but it would be worth a wander around. Between Wacker and the River there aren't too many streets :)


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      Thanks so much for the information. Am still hoping someone will know of a downtown or northside source since I really, really hate to drive. Anybody out there?