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Oct 25, 2000 06:16 PM


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We used to get great beef chili con carne style enchiladas at Salsa Sam's in Evanston. They closed when the city pulled their liquor license (insensitive brutes). Where in the Chicago/Evanston area can you eat those enchiladas? You know the kind. Corn tortillas around chili and cheese with chopped onions still crunchy, smothered in chili sauce with orange cheese sprinkled over the whole gooey mess. I like all kinds of Mex but this TexMex style is elusive.

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  1. Since no one has responded to my message request I decided to respond to myself. Gee, I don't think there are any restaurants serving that kind of Texmex in the Chicagoland area.
    I will say and shold have in my original posting that Lupita's Restaurant is our favorite Mexican restaurant in Evanston. Best mole sauce I've found in Chicago. Great chile rellenos and specials every night.