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Oct 23, 2000 04:37 PM

West side butcher shop?

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Can anyone recommend a good butcher shop around the west side of Chicago? I'm in the neighborhood around North & Harlem (close to Caputo's and Johnnie's Italian Beef, yum). I imagine Oak Park would have a chi-chi meat market, but I haven't found one. Looking for prime cuts of beef, preferably organic.


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  1. Got two places for you but will have to apologize for the organic request - Whole Foods is the place to find that.
    1st there's a butcher called Josesphs on West Addison near Harlem. About a block east. Good old-school italian butcher who makes his own sausage, etc. You can also find things like dried mushrooms at a much more reasonable price than the fancy joints.
    On Harlem two block south of Addison is a Italian deli called Ginos and while not a butcher, they have got some great stuff. The meat they do sell is always fresh and beautiful. Their homemade sausage is beyond reproach. Try the Baressi sausage on Fridays. Lamb and pork with fresh garlic and parsley. It'll take the top of your head off. They also dry their own sausages and they're quite lovely. This is a good place for shopping for antipasto. There's also a fresh pasta store right next door. A little overpriced but very nice.

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      Thanks for the info! I pass by those shops all the time and will be sure to try them.


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        Clifford Abrams

        Thanks for the info. Always on the lookout for great homemade sausage.