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Oct 3, 2000 01:38 PM

Saturday night in Chicago!

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My wife, daughter and I will be in Chicago next weekend. We've been before and tried a number of the great eating places there. For Saturday night we're considering (based on descriptions in Chicago magazine): Crofton on Wells; Trattoria Parma; or Mon Ami Gabi. They all sound fine. Any of these particularly outstanding? On Sunday, we're splurging for brunch and are going to do the buffet at either the Four Seasons or the Ritz Carleton. Since these establishments are run by the same company, I imagine them to be of roughly equal quality .. But does one have features that recommend it over the other? Thanks.

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    Clifford Abrams

    Mon Ami Gabi, definitely. Good service, a very nice (though noisy--it's a bistro, right) room and great food. You also might consider Vinci or Le Sardine. Saturday night being what it is, you will probably have a better dining experience on, say, Friday night. Good luck.

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      Totally with Cliff on Mon Ami - it's excellent. As far as brunch goes however I might do a little rethinking. Both the Ritz and the Four Seasons are very nice and very pricey but Ciel Blue on Michigan Avenue does an outstanding brunch and the room is truly beautiful. I think the Palm may do a Sunday brunch as well and that's another gorgeous location right off Michigan with a lake view. I haven't been to the new 95th in the Hancock but I've heard good things and there isn't a better view anywhere - not just Chicago - anywhere. And the old 95th did a pretty decent brunch. They're listed in Chicago Mag. Give it a look.