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Oct 1, 2000 11:47 PM

Chinatown recommendations?

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I'll be visiting Chicago soon. Are there any restaurants in Chinatown you'd recommend? (Chinese restaurants in the Argyle St. area are fine too.)


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  1. Sun Wa Seafood and BBQ is my favorite. It's on the north side of Argyle just east of Broadway. Generous portions and a great selection. Atmospere is also what you would expect from a real deal, inexpensive, no frills/good chow kind of place. Try the shrimp dumplings in sumpreme soup or the really tasty wontons, clams with black bean sauce and definitely the BBQ pork.
    For an after meal diversion, if the seafood market a couple of doors east is open, go gawk at the giant lobsters (around $7 a pound) and the aquarium full of piles and piles of live frogs.

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    1. re: Mark Bello

      I'm assuming some people don't know that Chicago has two Chinatowns. One near the loop and one on the northside. Which Chinatown do you plan on visiting?

      1. re: bryan
        Adam Stephanides

        By "Chinatown," I meant the traditional Chinatown, on the near South Side. "Argyle St." referred to the North Side one. And I'm open to either or both.


        1. re: Adam Stephanides

          I definitely recommend Joy Yee's, tel. (312)328-0001,
          on Archer in the Chinatown Square mall. the best noodles and fruit drinks you've had in your life!

          My pick for Chinese BBQ is the place right next door,
          the name escapes me. Dosen't look like much but their
          roast duck is out of this world!

          BTW, Chinatown on the north side is most commonly referred to as "Little Saigon" due to a sizeable
          Vietnamese population.

      2. re: Mark Bello
        Adam Stephanides

        I ate at Sun Wah, and it was good. I had small orders of the BBQ pig Hong Kong style and the roast duck (I originally ordered the BBQ duck instead of the roast duck, but the waitress advised me to switch). The pig was interesting: the skin was glazed and crunchy, almost glassy. But while it was good, I preferred the roast duck. Incidentally, either dish would have been enough for a satisfactory lunch by itself.

        But the sesame rice noodle rolls at Emperor's Choice (on the inside front cover of the menu) were better than either.