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Sep 21, 2000 09:20 PM

Tru, Yoshi's, Mango

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There have been a couple of brief favorable mentions of Tru on this board, but no details. Is it worth the money?

Also, some very old posts mentioned Yoshi's and Mango. Are these places still worth going to?

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  1. Going to Tru for wedding aniversary next month and will post a description for all. (had six week waiting list for reservations)!

    Yoshi's has always been good and they got smart three years ago and brought the prices down and added more things to the menu. It was prix-fixe(sp?) for several years. Yoshi is almost always cooking and will stop by your table to ask how your meal is, what you enjoyed, etc. Innovative without ever being cloying or cutesie. Portions are small which is nice for ordering several items and sharing. Service can be choppy sometimes but we usually request the same waiter and that fella has got it down. The fact that he knows us and we tip 30% for good service may help.

    Mango - how to put this nicely? Yup city. So I am, of course, dubious. It's still pretty popular however so I may just be pre-judging something I shouldn't but places where you have to stand or sit elbow-to-elbow with others turn me off in a big way. We went in on a Friday night (I know, I know) and the wait was forever and we were standing near a couple who didn't know the meaning of restraining their sexual attraction for each other and after ten minutes of watching her lick his ear, as a cat cleaning her mate, we were outta there and on to Tuffanos for some lovely pasta and antipasto. And no, not orchetti. (some wag would have said it).

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      Tom Armitage

      Thanks, Bryan. I'm glad to hear that Yoshi's is still good. I'll look forward to your report on Tru.

      1. re: bryan

        Bryan, did you go to Tru? If so, what did you think? Any other Chowhounds been to Tru and have an opinion?

        1. re: Tom Armitage

          Tru is, simply put, the silliest restaurant in the United States, so affected that it's just back of beyond, as if erected by a cargo cult worshiping old Gael Greene reviews: giant glass staircases, so big each takes two waiters to carry, paved with trash caviar; sauteed foie gras burrito-wrapped in gold leaf and served on liquored pancake syrup; fish as oversweet as dessert; lamb chops tortured into configurations that recalled the June Taylor Dancers . . .

          Second City Syndrome taken to its ultimate degree.

          1. re: Pepper

            You're tru much, Pepper! Thanks.

            1. re: Tom Armitage

              Our reservations were held on a Visa for this Sat. Suddenly last Tuesday I was called by the company saying there was activity on the card that wasn't normal for us. Guess what? That's right. Am in the process of police reports, etc. Cancelled the reservation furiously after speaking to a manager. Got a call from Lettuce Entertain You promising the moon, the stars and the head of the thief on a platter. Will post regarding this again if I talk myself out of suicide. I've never stayed this hot for this long before (I'm black Irish and usually only get mad once or twice a year - but watch out) and it'll be a cold day in hell before I ever step foot in that place. And I never did like the June Taylor dancers or cheap caviar anyway.

            2. re: Pepper
              Adam Stephanides

              I ate at Tru last week and I thought it was very good. I'm no expert on caviar, but I really liked the "caviar staircase"; and the venison on spaghetti squash with clery root puree was also excellent. The sauce for the foie gras was too sweet, and the foie gras itself tasted slightly bitter, but I had no complaints about anything else. It wasn't the equal of the best meals I've ever had, but it was worth the money.