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Sep 20, 2000 11:26 AM

fast Indian

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i just returned from the toronto film festival. never any time for sitdown meals, but fortunately, right across the street from many of the theaters is a plethora of cheap(real cheap) fast food. most of the asian noodles places are seriously lacking in flavor, you only get quantity for your money, but in this little alley, with outside tables shared by all, are
wonderful indian, caribbean, and japanese take out places. i dont eat much indian here in chicago, because
i'm in wicker park and it seems the cheaper indians restaurants are up on devon, and i seldom feel like making the trip. it got me thinking.....are there any CHEAP, fast food indian places anywhere on the near north. i had the most heavenly vegetable biryani (piles of rice,blackened, crispy onions on top, loads of vegies, wonderful spices), as well as a new discovery, some kind of sweet, alittle orange cube of cooked semolina, fragrant and sweet, but not too sweet.
an average plate of food, including the sweet, nan, and 2 vegie sides is $5 canadian, approx. 3.50 US. what a sweet deal. any suggestions???? thanks, joan

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  1. There is a place--This one on Orleans one block north of Chicago is good (see link for its chowhound pedigree)--steam tables with four dishes, really good fresh baked Naan, a somewhat unclear ordering and paying procedure, and a Paan counter for thems that like a post prandial betel juice chaw. As I noted below the food was not Fabulous! but was very good, and the place is significantly more convenient to Wicker Park than Devon Ave.