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Sep 15, 2000 06:21 PM

Bob Chin's ??

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I'll be in North Chicago and was told to take my clients there.
What's good/where is it ?

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  1. Bob Chins is in Wheeling on Milwaukee Avenue. It's huge and lots of fun but if your clients are stuffy, I think I'd take the Blackhawk (same street, town) over Chins. The noise levels are deafening sometimes but the seafood is high-quality. And if you dislike garlic, by all means avoid the rolls. They're so delicious but deadly for conversation if the people you're with haven't partaken. The crabs are the highlight and the Mai Tais are now sold nationally.

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    1. re: bryan

      Sounds good.
      Luckily, my friends/clients from Morgan Stanley/Discover Card are anything but stuffy.
      Thanks for your reply.

    2. c
      Clifford Abrams

      If you like an hour long wait for bad food in loud, crummy surroundings with assembly-line service, by all means, be my guest. Personally, i've never had a good meal there. It's a mediocre, over-hyped trough. Pick up a Zagat guide, close your eyes and point. You'll do better.