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Spring Green

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  • Clifford Abrams Aug 27, 2000 03:12 PM
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We're visiting Spring Green WI end of September. Anyone know any good places to eat in the area? Thanks.

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  1. Haven't been to Spring Green but you may want to check my recent post on the Midwest board about my trip to the Wisconsin Dells.A book I respect called the Wisconsin Handbook recommends the Frank Lloyd Wright Visitors Center Riverview Terrace for delectable breakfasts and lunchs and a fantastic view of the river.Other recommendations include the "not-to-be-missed" Lunch Bucket Cafe in nearby Black Earth (11 miles east on US 14); a " classic breakfast and lunch small-town diner."The Post House and Dutch Kitchen Restaurant is said to be the oldest continuously operating restaurant in the state (since 1857) with a varied menu and picturesque outdoor garden and cocktail area.Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

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      Clifford Abrams

      Many thanks for the information.