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Aug 14, 2000 02:15 PM

farmers market and tasteless corn

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I'm making a determined effort to shop at the farmers markets, to hell with the higher cost. our local farmers deserve it for providing us with fresh, and sometimes organic food, even if i cant really afford to pay extra. i've discovered the joys of really, really fresh garlic, juicy with large cloves, so they are easy to peel. the local vidalia onions are much sweeter than the georgia ones. ( i was told by a former vidalia onion farmer that half the onions claimed to be vidalia are rank imposters. i believe it. ) nichols farm from marengo,il. is my source for the garlic and the onions. also a nice, not too bitter but tasty green called rapini (ripini??). i go to the green city market on wednesdays by the historical society , also the overcrowded (with dogs and babies, not vendors) one at halsted and armitage on saturday. a friend tells me there is a similiar, much less crowded on at grace and halsted, in the faith tabernacle parking lot (next to the ihop), also on saturday. BUT, what is bugging me badly,is the overly sweet corn (hybrids called supersweet) that seems to be all that is grown anymore. i discussed this with several vendors who thought i was crazy, no one would buy anything else they said, no one but me, apparently, has ever complained. just a few years ago you had to rush the corn home and cook it, as each hour the sugar slowly turned itself into starch. now , i find it so sweet, that i will happily wait several days before cooking it, just in the hopes that some of the sugar will dissipate. its still too sweet, at the expense of corn flavor. Am i the only one in america who thinks this way??????

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    Chris Bridges

    "what is bugging me badly,is the overly sweet corn (hybrids called supersweet) that seems to be all that is grown anymore..... Am i the only one in america who thinks this way??????"

    Well, count me in as well. As far as I am concerned Silver Queen is still the corn for me. Just had a meal the other night that I wouldn't trade ANY restaurant experience for: a grilled London broil (done with charcoal, not "lava rocks"); steamed Yukon Gold potatoes freshly dug from our garden; an "Italian salsa" of chopped fresh tomatoes, basil, olive oil, red onion and garlic; and the first picking of Silver Queen. That first hot, steamy, buttery bite of tender, crisp young corn, sweet but still tasting like CORN--god it was good. Two ears were not enough! You could not dine any better than that.

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      So where can I get silver queen corn? My grandfather was a corn farmer in Michigan when I was a kid and I miss the taste of really fresh, not super-sweet corn...

    2. If you think supersweet corn is sweet, try some white peaches, which are quickly gaining in popularity (surprise surprise). Kids love 'em. They are like candy with a pit. So sweet they made my teeth hurt. Give me a good old yellow peach any day.

      1. Yep, that seems to be the tradeoff, sweetness for flavor. Far as I can tell, that's what most people want. Whenever I get some farmstand corn that's of an older variety, my girlfriend complains that it's not as good. I think the corn flavor is unsurpassed.