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Aug 2, 2000 10:55 AM

Good Spanish restaurants?

  • j

I moved to Chicago this year and I'm interested in finding good and affordable Spanish options. I've been to Cafe Iberico and it was good and also very reasonably priced. What other options are out there? I've heard that there is a small place near Wrigley, I think called Arco de Cuchilleros (sp?). Is it good? Any other recommendations?

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  1. Try Rositas in the Chicago suburb of Westchester on Roosevelt Rd. This is not a particulary fancy place but it has incredible spanish food! Rosita & her clan run the place & bring homecooked spanish food to your table just like my grandmother!

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    1. re: Denise

      emilio's on clark (?) has fairly good tapas. it gets crowded, and the neighborhood is a magnet for boors, but solid tapas, nonetheless.

      1. re: j

        i think the best as far as authenticity goes is meson sabika in northfield. it's the only restaurant in chicago that i've seen with angulas (baby eels) on the menu, a delicacy that i enjoyed when i was in spain. emilio's is okay but the service iberico can be very inconsistent and when the kitchen is harried it really shows.