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Jul 12, 2000 04:01 PM

Ujala Sweet Shop

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For technical reasons I need the exact address of this Indian Sweet Shop on Devon St. Does Anyone here know it?


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  1. well, the phone book lists it as 2500 w devon. phone number 773-274-4959

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      thanks--i had since found it--did you ever have one of those moments where you forget that non-internet based information resources exist at all? I became convinced for just the amount of time it took me to post that question that if the phone number & address for ujala didn't appear in response to a google query, then they was probably unfindable by all but the most drastic means. Mere moments elapsed and I rememembered the potential of our non-digital information resources, checked the yellow pages and was on my merry way.

      BTW, if you've never been to Ujala, it's terrific!