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Jul 6, 2000 12:09 PM

Chicagoland Italian ice?

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Looking for great Italian ice in Chicago or the western suburbs. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I had a nice italian ice at Mikko's on Damen three or four blocks north of north ave. It is some guy's basement.


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    1. re: Seth

      And of course there is the famous Mario's Italian Lemonade on Taylor across from Al's. But you knew that.

      1. re: Pepper

        Still better is Carms, which is a couple of blocks north of Mario's - go north from Taylor on Carpenter, and watch on your left for the signs. Superb stuff.

        1. re: Pepper

          No, I didn't know that, so thanks very much, and thanks to the other tipsters. Should be getting to Chicagoland in the next couple of weeks (whenever we can get reservations at Topolobampo.) Quick weekend chow expedition, dine out, food shop, restock the larder and cellar, buzz home with the trunk so full that the car looks like its going uphill all the time.

          And now plans will include some Italian icecapades, try to taste test all these places and report back. BTW, any particular flavor recommendations folks? I must admit I am very partial to lemon - I even think of Italian ice as "lemon ice" - and that will probably be my standard of comparision. But if there's any "must haves," I'm all ears.

          And thanks again all.

          1. re: bill jr

            OK, it really is called Italian Lemonade. Mario's on Taylor is VERY GOOD.

            And you should also try Ferro's, which is on 31st, just West of the Dan Ryan - exit, when you go to see the Sox, onto 31st, and maybe 2 blocks on your right is Ferro's.

            You are going to see the Sox, aren't you?

            1. re: lee
              Patrick Thompson

              Mario's is a personal favorite. I am quite partial to the watermelon; anyone else have a favorite?

            2. re: bill jr

              I come from florida just to have Miko's ice...been here 5 days and haven't missed a day. Lemon is great but try the Mango. Better than the ones off the trees at home. (no smell when you eat it) Enjoy them all. As far as being some guys going to the 95th floor just for a drink! Ears don't pop!!!!!

              1. re: nan

                Hey Mikos has a 2nd location on Sacremento just south of Fullerton. Same great Ice. Not as pricey as a lot of other places, which makes it even better.I am a regular!

          2. re: Seth

            I second that vote for Mikko's at Damen and Moffit. The lemon ice is by far the best there.

          3. Johny's. North Ave west of N. Harlem. A true ice, with fruit, not at all sweet. And of course, great sausage & italian beef sandwiches (that's all they sell: sandwhiches and ices. There is always a line, and it moves quick.

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            1. re: Steve D.

              Ahhhh, Johnny's. An institution too often overlooked while Al's gets all the attention. Possibily the best Italian been in ... the world. Been there forever.

            2. Hi everyone, I am not to familar with chicago, however My family comes to visit us from California and they make Tom and wendy's Italian Ice a must everytime. Can't give directions though but I know it is near Armatage and the express way You should be able to find it in thephone book for directions.

                1. Teddy's Red Hots at 63rd and Main in Downers Grove is a good stop in the western suburbs...Lemon and a couple of flavors of the day. Another location in Darien as well.