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Jun 27, 2000 10:36 PM

La Scarola

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Anyone out there have an opinion about La Scarola--a small Italian place on (i think) Grand near Halsted? Anything particularly good to order? Please hurry, we're thinking of going Thursday night! Thanks.

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  1. Yes! It is great. The veal parm or eggplant parm rules

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    1. re: Adam l.

      The grilled octopus (appetizer) is great. It's served on a fresh bed of greens- but beware, the chef can sometimes be a little heavyhanded with the vinaigrette, so request light on the dressing unless you like your lettuce soggy. Good bread there too to mop up the plate.

      -Mark Bello

      1. re: Mark Bello
        bill pisarra, jr.

        Heading there next weekend. Recs on this board are veal or eggplant parm, grilled octopus, and pasta e fagioli. Anything else we shouldn't miss?

      2. re: Adam l.
        Clifford Abrams

        Thanks for your reply. It was completely great. I'd like to keep this one quiet, if you know what i mean. Please.

      3. Huge portions, great prices. Mostly winners. The best pasta fagioli.