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Margie's Candies

Lisa Z Jun 7, 2000 03:46 PM

Happened to be scanning the rabbit taco thread (God knows why -- I have no interest in eating rabbit and live in New York!) when I came across a brief mention of Margie's Candies -- "an old fashioned candy store/soda fountain". I'm intrigued!

Is this place as great as I'm imagining it to be? Please tell me more before I plan a trip from NYC only to find a dusty old convenience store.

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    Terri RE: Lisa Z Jun 7, 2000 04:47 PM

    Margie's Candies is an old fashioned ice cream parlor built in the 1920s that is kind of a Chicago landmark. It has an authentic soda fountain and really retro signage out front. Home-made 18% butterfat ice cream and fudge sauce. Homemade candies too. Huge portions, shakes in the big fountain glasses. Legend has it that the Beatles went there for the fudge sauce after their concert in Comiskey Park. Its kittycorner from Arturos (where we have firmly established does not have rabbit tacos)on the corner of Armitage and Western.

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      Seth Zurer RE: Terri Jun 7, 2000 05:28 PM

      The only things that I would add to terri's description is that it's great! Worth a visit. Also, and I 'm not sure if this will seem like a recommendation or a discouragemnt, read it as you will, the sundaes come in surreal huge plastic conch shells, resulting in bizarre but charming seafood/icecream mix motif. The hot fudge is excellent.

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        Lisa Z RE: Seth Zurer Jun 9, 2000 03:08 PM

        Wow! Will definitely be on my next trip to Chicago, and I'm copying these posts and emailing them to my brother who lives there so he can speed right over.

        Thanks for the conch-shell warning. Too funny!

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          j RE: Lisa Z Aug 11, 2000 08:42 PM

          this place is great. it's been in the same family for 80 years. the beatles ate there after playing the old comiskey park. the decor is half old dolls and malt bottles, half pictures of the family. don't sleep on the candies, either--they make them all themselves.

          and, if you're really interested, try Homer's ice cream in wilmette (suburb to the north) i think the ice cream is better, although it's much more of just a regular ice cream parlor. the cool thing is that the homer's family is cousins of the margie's family. The story goes that the Margie's family immigrated to Chicago, got settled, and then the Homer's patriarch moved here in the thirties, got a job with his cousins, who taught him the business, and then set him up with a place in the burbs.

          added ice cream tip: Rainbow Cone far south on Western. but that's another story.

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      lulu RE: Lisa Z Jul 15, 2000 06:54 PM

      It's the real deal! Try the yogurt of the day. Watch them squirt the home made whipping creme out of a rubber hose. We love it over there.

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        Alise` RE: Lisa Z Sep 3, 2000 10:34 PM

        Of you are here in the cold months try the hot chocolate! Served in little pots. MMMMMMMMMMMM

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