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Jun 5, 2000 08:02 PM

Via Carducci's???

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just wondering if anyone has ever been to Via Carducci's on fullerton??? it looks like a neat little place and i'm wondering if its worth a try :-)

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  1. Via Carducci is pretty nice. Physically, it feels authentic. Tables are crammed close together, the room is very noisy, delicious smells waft in from the kitchen fairly reqularly, there is a nice selection of Italian liqueurs and aperitives just like you might find in a bona fide Italian Bar. I found the food a little disappointing--huge servings of pasta with not particularly inspiring sauces, a somewhat limited menu (if memory serves), and recipes that seem more along the lines of the old-school italian american joint than the classic trattoria that the decor suggests. So I give it a mixed review--but i have other friends who love it, so perhaps I went on an off-night. Worth a try.


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      A brief addition--A Tavola on Chicago just east of Western, has the food that I wish Via Carducci had. The only downside--it costs twice as much.

    2. Just Go! I had a great time! Sit by the window! The food is great!