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May 11, 2000 11:26 AM

Marie's Pizza

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On Lawrence near Pulaski is about the best i've ever had. It has been a tradition with my family for at least 15 years, and the quality never wavers. Sorry to say, but we never order the deep dish--- their thin crust pizza is so excellent. A thin, crispy crust that balances perfectly with their sauce and cheese. The pizza isn't particularly extravagant, but tasteful and remarkably consistent--- we've never gotten a bad pie or bad service there.

We always order 1 large pizza each (but can rarely finish the job) and some pitchers of heineken. anyone heard of it? we never go anywhere else, which may not be a good thing, but after trying other places we always go back to Marie's. They have pasta and other Italian food, but we just can't manage to steer clear of their great pies.

we also order the same 3 pizzas every year we visit, and have found, through trial and error, that they are the best. First, you must have a cheese pizza, just to experience the above-mentioned balance; then, a bacon and onion pizza--- incredible flavor, tho too much bacon is NOT a good thing; and italian sausage and green pepper for a bolder tasting pie.

anyone try this place? if so, what do you think? are we missing anything? no one seems to agree on pizza, one guy says Malnati's is the best, someone else calls it fermenting garbage.

well, at least we found happiness at Marie's.

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  1. Marie's pizza is good. I used to live half a block away (on Leland) and was never disappointed. If you are in the neighborhood,try the Brick and Beam a little further west on Lawrence for a great hamburger on black bread.Keep in touch.

    1. Might I concur. We live in Louisville, KY and anytime we are in Chicago, we make it a point to try and get to Marie's on Lawrence Avenue. Their thin crust pizza has been consistently good for over 40 years!
      Gary Falk