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May 9, 2000 06:15 PM

Italy, Florence-Venice

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Looking for special spots to eat lunch and dinner. Non-tourist spots prefered.

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  1. You probably will get a better response posting on the International Board (see link below) but then, why not read the many recent posts there on these topics and ask some questions?


    1. Hello, my friend. If you are downtown,I think you'll like Luciano's on Rush St., around 900 N. They serve up great Italian food, at not insane prices. You will be full. If you are N/W, go to Nottoli Sausage shop, about 5100 N. Harlem for a nice sandwich with real prosciutto. Welcome.

      1. Don't forget to have a Chicago hot dog or three, or a great gyro, (extra sauce is the way to go). Check out Red Hot Mama's at about 340 W. Armitage, Dave is a friend of mine, and a real Chicago character. You will not regret it. Real good honest (Chicago?) food. Seriously, I've been eating gyros since 1974, in what used to be Greektown in Chicago, (Lawrence Ave.) and this guy has it down.

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          Thanks for the reccomendations! I was new to the site and didn't know about the international section. On the topic of gyros does anyone make their own anymore or are they all from the same place Kronos.

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            Fawzi H. Yousuff

            Can you tell me what is the address or URL for kronos gyros. or where can I get supply for the gyros meat.

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              I have been trying to find out info on the distribution of Itailian Beef products. Also, I need info on Gyros distribution. I am located in a area (Washington, Maryland, Virginia) where this kind of food (Italian Beef sanwiches)is not found. The right information could really be a great help in getting my business off the ground.

              Your reply would be greatly appreciated.