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Apr 29, 2000 09:22 AM


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If you are a true hot dog lover I'm sure you have tried many of the numerous stands around Chicago; however, if you want the VERY BEST around try Ira's of Northbrook (on Sanders Rd. just south of Dundee Rd.). This stand is owned by a true HD lover who is Chicago born and raised and who made a religious experience out of eating HD's every Saturday afternoon while growing up.

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  1. I have to disagree. The best hot dogs are at Gene & Judes in Rosemont. On River rd and Grand blvd. next to Cock Robbins

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    1. re: Lisa

      Ok, I will check out you place in Rosemont. I was looking for places in the city.

      1. re: Adam L.

        Hot dogs, hot dogs, hot dogs, I love um, I worship them, I prefer them to filet mignon, I tavel the midwest searching for the worlds finest dog.

        and my vote is for man bites dog in urbandale iowa

        1. re: Egore

          gene and judes is the best hot dog place there is there isnt any better the only place that even comes close is portillos and that isnt as good

          1. re: Alex

            Not only are Gene & Judes far and away the best dogs, they are the largest purveyors of Vienna Hot Dogs in the world for one location. I drive 25 miles from the far northwest suburbs for them and I know a couple dozen other people who do the same. Nothing else even comes close.

      2. re: Lisa

        I grew up on those hot dogs. Gene and Judes is an institution in the west chicago suburbs..
        Its been there like 30 years!
        Hands down the best!!!!

      3. Weiner Circle on Clark St. is the best in the city downtown that is.

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        1. re: Adam L.

          Weiner Circle is an interesting scene, true, but the dogs are too haphazard for me . . . and they grill 'em unless you specifically ask for the steamed. If Fluky's, Byron's and Poochie's are too far, Demon Dogs and even (cough cough) Gold Coast are better. If you prefer grilled chile-cheese red hots to Chicago dogs, Weiner Circle might be your place.

          1. re: Pepper

            no way. Byron's and Flukey's both suck. I can't believe anyone would think they even touch Weiner Circle!

          2. re: Adam L.

            You are correct, Weiner Circle is the best! For burgers try the Twisted Spoke!

            1. re: Adam L.

              Gosh, hasnt anyone ever been to Superdawg???? Easily the best hot dogs in the world! Cant be improved on and the fries are great too! Devon and Milwaukee, but definitely worth the drive!