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Apr 25, 2000 03:53 AM


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We just had rijstafel for the first time in Amsterdam. Does anyone know of a Chicago restaurant where I can find anything that resembles this great meal?

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    Laura Levy Shatkin

    You might try Tre Kronor at 3258 W. Foster. They serve Scandivavian fare.

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    1. re: Laura Levy Shatkin

      It's Indonesian; not Scandanavian. I don't know if there are any Indonesian restaurants around.

      1. re: ursine

        August Moon in Bridgeport (!) serves rijstafel. i believe you have to order in advance. Probably better to do W/ a group of people.

        1. re: festus

          I'm pretty sure august moon is closed. The closest Indonesian restaurant in the area is in Madison, WI.

    2. When I was a child (OK, a long time ago), my parents used to take us to the Pump Room on occasion. They had a "rijstafel curry" for which they brough side dishes of raisins, coconut, chutney, etc...I loved coconut and adored the dish. Haven't been to the Pump Room since Lettuce Entertain You took over it (yes, I'm a bit of a romantic), but it appears that this dish is no longer on the menu. So, no, I don't know where we can find rijstafel and would join you in asking others.

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      1. re: rubyromano

        Lettuce hasn't owned the Pump Room for several years now.

      2. I asked this question a few years ago and never had any luck. Here's hoping a rijstafel shows up!

        1. I've never heard of this, but I looked it up and it sounds great.


          1. I had an amazing memorable rijstafel in Amsterdam many years ago and have looked for it here to no avail. it means "Rice Table" and, as I understand it is a Dutch colonial version of a traditional Indoesian feast. There is a basic rice dish and many exotic side dishes of meats, fruits and vegetables.

            I've never seen it anywhere but Amsterdam.