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Apr 3, 2000 09:52 AM

original gino's east pizzeria

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i understand that the original gino's east has moved into the former planet hollywood. can anyone clarify(these are reasonable suspicions)that the original is/was the one one n rush st about the 900 block just off michigan ave? if so, has anyone been to the new one? any comments? the one on n rush is my personal favorite pizza in chicago(and quite possibly the country)...thanks in advance

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  1. hey i knowit's tacky to post your own follow up but let me clear up some confusion on my part...the tourist trap called the original gino's east" relocated to the old planet hollywood on n la salle...need i say more?

    BUT...the best pan pizza in the city, with a beautifully light cornmeal crust, lovely tasty sauce,and well put together(not to mention the slightly sleazy but still safe atmosphere)pie is at gino's NORTH on n rush just n of loyola's campus on the west side of n wells...and can you believe ? even the rolling rock tastes swell here....

    so forgive my own indiscretion please!