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Apr 2, 2000 11:31 PM

Where is the BEST sushi Chicago????

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I am in search of good sushi, something traditional and authentic would be best(and clean)...i've already been to Matsuya on Clark St. and we love it!
just wondering if anyone knows of any sushi place that might measure up to Matsuya...

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  1. Just slightly north of Matsuya on Clark is Sanko. I have never had a bad meal there. The fish is fresh. The eel is sublime. And if you're there on a Saturday night you may have the pleasure of hearing the lovely owner sing. Small bar but nice tables. Enjoy.

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      Far and away the best Sushi in town is Naniwa on Wells. I have eaten Sushi at a dozen resteraunts in Chicago, and over 30 states in the U.S. I have never eaten any Sushi as good as Naniwa's Dragon role... the best part is their delivery is just as great.

      1. re: Rob Rosen

        I have to give the authenticity prize to Ginza Sushi next to the New Tokyo Hotel north of the Loop (can't remember the exact address). It's not trendy, and is pretty much Japanese businessmen rather than the hip crowd, but I've had good luck there. Haven't been there in a couple years (I live in Tokyo now) but it was the only place I used to be able to find negi-toro maki.

        1. re: M. McKinney

          When he has Toro, Kuni will make negi-toro. I've only had it as nigiri sushi (on rice, with a piece of seaweed wrapped around, like a cake) but I can't imagine he wouldn't do it as maki.

        2. re: Rob Rosen

          i used to think naniwa was the best too, until i went to mirai on division and damen. the miso is better, the pieces are bigger, the room is cooler and hipper and the specials blew my mind!

          i also really used to like aki hana in wilmette off the edens xpressway (in a strip mall). reasonable prices and yummy.

      2. I suggest you try Katsu, on Peterson about 2 blocks west of Western Avenue. Not only is the sushi outstanding, but they have an unusual and extremely varied menu. The owners, Katsu and his wife Haruko, are the loveliest people you can imagine. They have a large clientele of Japanese businessmen, always a good sign, and are generally open until about 2:00 in the morning. You won't be disappointed. The appetizers, in particular, are really quite special. Kuni's, in Evanston on Main St. between Chicago Avenue and Hinman, is also fantastic sushi.

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          Laura Levy Shatkin

          The other suggestions are great; Katsu, Sanko, Kuni's but don't miss Naniwa on Wells (in river North.) The chef formerly owned/ ran Sai Cafe in Lincoln Park but I think Naniwa is even better!

          There's also a newcomer, Mirai Sushi on West Division in the Ukranian Village. Interesting preparations, fresh as the ocean sushi and a super cool space.

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          1. re: Laura Levy Shatkin

            I just tried Naniwa over the weekend. While it was good, and affordable (about 25 bucks a person for a solid amount of sushi) I was not really that blown away. The soft-shell crab tempura roll seemed to have been assembled some time after the crab left the frier -- the batter was a little soggy, and definitely not hot. And there was a strange and mysterious (suspiciously ketchupy) sweet sauce on my spicy yellow tail roll. The freshness / quality of the fish seemed fine. I liked the salmon and yellowtail, wasn't crazy about a tuna roll that seemed to suffer from the same sweet treatment. But all in all, the meals I've had recently at Mirai were better.

            Is there some benchmark of sushi greatness that I'm missing? I have to admit that I nurse a theory that the distinctions in quality between different high grade sushi joints are actually too arcane for someone not schooled in the mysterious arts (or the japanese equivalent of the Cordon Bleu) to discern -- things like the perfect proportion of rice to fish (down to the grain), and the exact hand movement of the slice, etc. I'm curious to hear what make Naniwa such a standout for you--maybe I went on an off-night.


          2. At this point, my favourite is Mirai, on Division. I'm a sashimi fan, so freshness and selection/variety are my preeminent considerations. Katsu is excellent, as well. Its particularly good in the "cooked food" categories. Sushi Wabi, on Randolph, is fun for group dining. Cheers.

            1. Guys!

              If you want crappy service, arrogant wait staff, and sushi that is average, then Kamahachi is for you. But if you want great sushi, better to to Sai Cafe on Armitage in Chicago. The Wait staff at Kamahachi are rude and obnoxious!