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Mar 13, 2000 07:29 PM

steak tartare

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Where can one find the best steak tartare in the chicago area, esp: northwest suburbs??

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  1. le titi de paris......

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    1. re: joy

      ...... if it's still there

      1. re: joy

        Actually, the best place for steak tartar would be my house. It's hard to find anymore. Zum Deutchen Eck had an o.k. one. Golden Ox had a pretty damn decent one but both these old mainstays are closed. Tried it at Chicago Brauhause in Lincoln Village. Oh, the humanity. Worse tartar ever. Gosh but it's the nicest dinner in the summertime with a little black bread and an ice cold beer. Someone must know. Help out!

        1. re: Bryan

          Ask Thierry at Froggy's in Highland Park. Good stuff.