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Mar 7, 2000 09:31 AM

Polish / E. European Markets & Restaurants

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I just recently moved to the Chicagoland area and am trying to find the neighborhood/community that is well known for its Polish/E. European influences. I am looking in particular for great markets, restaurants or delis. Thanks

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    Clifford Abrams

    Just go up Milwaukee Avenue starting at about Logan Square (about 2600 North) where the Hispanic stuff ends and the Polish stuff starts. Just pick a place and go in. You might want to learn how to say 'hello', 'goodbye' and 'please'. in Polish first. There is also a great Polish deli on, i think, Fullerton WAY west. Good luck.

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      If you have even the slightest inclination toward mid-century modern kitsch, you must must must go to Orbit, which is on that stretch of Milwaukee, has Polish food as good as any of the others (great sweet and sour duck blood soup, decent roast duck, pierogi, etc.), and a post-Sputnik decor that has to be seen to be believed.

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        Anne Kamykowski

        There are great Polish markets and bakeries along Belmont and Central. A really good buffet is at Grota on Central just south of Belmont. 2 great bakeries are Oak Mill at Belmont and Parkside and Gorski on Central just north of Diversey. Gorski also has all kinds of great soups and prepared foods. There is even a new Bohemian Deli on Central right across the street from Grota but I haven't tried it yet. the whole Belmont-Central and Fullerton Manor area have all kinds of great restaurants and deli-markets from most ethnic groups.

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          John Andrastek

          I am seaching for a Polish restaurant in Chicago called Serena's--my parents claim very good czarina (duck blood soup) was served there. Any idea how to locate them, or if they still exist??

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            Are you sure of the spelling? I did a pretty thorough 'Net search (including but could find nary a mention. Was/is it actually in Chicago or one of the 'burbs?


    2. Try the Red Apple...2 locations (Milwaukee & Belmont; Milwaukee & Devon). Polish smorgasbord for about 6 bucks.

      For Polish restaurants and delis you can go up and down Milwaukee Avenue starting at Wellington and going North to Devon. On Lawrence Ave near Milwaukee is the Pierogi Inn...they have about 30 different kinds of homemade pierogis. The walls were painted red long before it was cool.