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Mar 3, 2000 09:24 AM

Panini Sandwich

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I'm looking for a restaurant in Chicago that serves Panini Sandwiches. Any leads would be appreciated.

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    Clifford Abrams

    Not exactly panini, but there's a spot on Ashland just north of (i think) Division that serves great Mexican/Puerto Rican/etc. versions of a pressed, grilled sandwich in many varieties. Tasty and cheap. Sorry i can't think of the name of the place, but it's hard to miss, on the east side of Ashland. Good luck.

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    1. re: Clifford Abrams

      Perhaps you are thinking of the Ambassador Cafe on the east side of Ashland just north of Addison. It has excellent cuban sandwiches which are somewhat like panini. I haven't been there in a couple of years but it was a great little place for cuban food (no liquor license)

      1. re: Terri

        The Ambassador is still open and it's fabulous. Don't miss it if your in this neighborhood. There's also a place up on Irving near the brown line L. Forget the name - it's just slightly east with a number as a part of the name - great cuban grilled sandwiches.

        1. re: Terri
          Clifford Abrams

          It's called Tortas USA at about 3000 North Ashland. Had a great lunch there Friday--more than i coud eat in one sitting for c. $4.

          1. re: Clifford Abrams
            Patrick Thompson

            Tortas USA is a GREAT place. I've been steadily working my way through the sandwich menu (the combination of breaded steak, chorizo, and ham is my current favorite), and the light, crispy tortilla chips and feisty salsa are also noteworthy.

      2. For a real Italian Panini Sandwich try L'Appatito (a chain retail store/deli... but very good), for a great cheap sit down try Piatza Bella on Roscoe and Damen. Very authentic and even better for dinner... best risoto I have even had outside of Italy. The chef is the former head chef at Bice.

        1. Now that all the others told you where to find a noche buena, find a panini at Notoli on Harlem just south of Foster. Try the American Blue, with Turkey Hot Giardinara and BLue Cheese. Yum!