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Jan 12, 2000 11:46 AM

Lou Malnati's

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OK-I need to say that among all the "Usual Suspects" mentioned earlier-Lou Malnati's is the best. Perfect crust, fresh tasting tomato sauce (on top) and a LOT of high quality sausage and cheese. This is the paradigm of Chicago Pizza. If I could only go to one pizza place for the rest of my life-this would be it. don't bother with the others-they are weak in comparison.
Warning-This pizza should come with a disclaimer about heart disease-it is not low-anything.
Agree with the person who said Ranalli's was way overrated. In a word-gross! And I lived in Iowa for 4 years- a place void of any good pizza whatsoever so I know a bad pizza when I taste it.

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  1. "it is not low-anything"

    hee...that's good. can I steal it?

    thanks for posting! Great to have some Chi-hounds coming around; hope we achieve Critical Mass soon (no reason this board can't be as hopping as the NYC many good eats in Chicago...)


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      just a note -- you can mail-order pizzas from lou malnati's, which they will deliver to you packed in dry ice. my folks (ex-chicagoans in los angeles) ordered a bunch for their new year's celebration this year and were ecstatic!


      1. re: felicia

        Oh Man! Malnatti's is the most overrated pizza joint around. I hate their pizza. Eduardo's pizza is much better for deep dish. For thin crust, I like Pete's on Western.

    2. as i am eager to try lou malnati's pizza-which branch do you suggest?
      may i also offer one man's humble opinion-we had a pan pizza at the seedy hasn't been redecorated since it opened -original gino's east on n rush(in fact several times), last fall, and well, i was in heaven-lucious garlicky and tomatoey-with a crust that melted in our mouths-again just one man's(and woman's)opinion-but it certainly got our votes for best pizza eaten in a helluva long time...

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      1. re: adamstoler
        Kevin Thomson

        Go to the take out only store in Wilmette just off the Edens

        1. re: Kevin Thomson

          Well, what do you know! I have a Lou Malnatti's pizza fermenting in my gut at this very second, from the original Wells Street location. And I've got to say, it was not wonderful: a slightly oilier crust than Uno or Giordano's, though still stale-cake hard, a slab of sour, underseasoned pork sausage and tepid, watery tomato sauce that tasted as if it had been poured straight out of the can onto the hot pie.