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Dec 16, 1999 10:09 AM

Chicago junk food rules!

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i will be in chicago for new years, and i was wondering where i can get the best italian beefs.

why is it that you can only get these in chicago?

also, does anyone have suggestions for taco-burrito stands? i have been to TBP(taco-burrito palace) and TBK(taco-burrito King), and both are pretty good. wuz think of goin to LaBamba on halsted in lincoln park. anyone have feedback on that place? i have been to the one in champaign, and it is great.

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  1. To: Jerry @
    Sorry to late for New Years, but as a Chicago ex, my favorite Beef

    stand(you stand and eat your sandwich) is JOHNNY'S on North Ave north of Harlem Ave across from St. Vincent' Church. Be sure to order it JUICY with green peppers and hot Gardeniere Sorry for mistakes new to computing.

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    1. re: Paul C. III

      how can you mention Johnnie's Italian Beefs and fail to mention their mouthwatering Italian Lemon Ices.

      shame on you!!!

    2. Hello! If you get up to the north side, my favorite burrito place is La Palapita, apprx 4200 N Milwaukee ave.
      A steak burrito,onions,cheese and cilantro.....the best,Jerry,the best!
      I'm not affiliated,but give this place a try.

      1. Best Italian beef can be found at Johnnies in Elmwood Pk. Absolutely the best, and the best Italian ice, too. Forget Mario's, go to Johnnies. North Avenue West of Harlem. Over by 'dare.