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Nov 23, 1999 06:04 PM

Best Chicago Steakhouse

  • j

I have been doing a lot of traveling to Chicago latley and would like some opinions on this.
I am going to Black Ram in Des Plaines next Wedsnesday for dinner with clients that work in Riverwoods.
Any thoughts on this place ?
Regards, JK

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  1. Chicago steakhouses? Gene & Georgetti if your favorite NY steakhouse is Peter Luger; Gibson's if it's Smith & Wollensky. Both are very fine; one is old-time, and the other is cute.

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    1. re: j gold

      Sorry, but I had one of the worst meals at Gene and Georgetti's a few years ago and I could never recommend it to anyone. The service stunk & the prices were not even worth it.

      They are living on old memories and the dying tastebuds of people who have drunk too much scotch and smoked too many cigars to know what good food tastes like! (not that scotch is a bad thing....)

      1. re: Jill

        I, on the other hand, have never had anything but tremendous steaks at G&G. (I also love the quintessential Old Fashioneds, the garbage salad and the best remaining example of the once-great Chicago staple shrimp de Jonghe.) The service you can quibble with--if they like you, you sit downstairs with Saul Bellow and the mayor; if they don't, you sit upstairs with bellowing Blackhawks fans--but the meat has always been first rate.

        1. re: j gold

          haven't been to chicago in years, but does the sir loin inn (silly, silly name) still exist? dumbest name i've ever seen - but best ever steaks and outstanding service. chicago, you are lucky if it's still there.

        2. re: Jill

          Yes!Gene and Georgetti's is a waste! I had a sub-par filet there (that's one thing a steakhouse should do right) during a visit that took way too long. This particular filet had so much gristle, I could only eat about half of it. I didn't want to say anything, as we had out -of -towners as guests, but come on!
          How can you mess up a piece of meat like a filet? It must have been a poor piece to begin with. Now, when your'e being charged like 22 bucks for a little piece of beef, these things matter to me. Guess I'm a cheapskate.

          1. re: Jill

            I too had a bad experience at G & G's. We had out of town guests in from Cleveland (things always cost less in Cleveland to begin with) and all they wanted was a "true" Chicago steak house experience. Now I have eaten at Gibson's Chop House, Morton's on State, Erie Street, The Saloon, Smith and Wellinskies, Ruth Chris, all more than once... aside from Erie Street (whose survice was supperior in comparision) G & G had the worste steak I have ever eaten. Tough, dry, and over cooked with a waiter that only cared about getting us out as quickly as possible.... with so many other fine choices I wouldn't waiste my time or money at G & G's again... and I live less than three blocks away. I would suggest Chop House for an all male party, and Gibson's for mixed couples... Mortons is also a great choice.

          2. re: j gold

            I had my best steak ever at the Mortons in Chicago 4 or so years ago - I think it was a rib steak, in any event the smallest steak on the menu.
            They served pretty good oysters; the sides were tasty, calorific and uniformly pedestrian, the wines excellent (can't comment on price; our host kept the good bordeaux flowing) and the grand marnier souffle with which we finished the meal was delicious.

            1. re: j gold

              Hate to say it, it is a chain, but my best steaks in Chicago have been at Ruth's Chris on Dearborn

            2. Best steak I ever had was at the Chicago Chop House, I could have cut that huge filet with a butter knife! Check out their web site for more info.