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Oct 13, 1999 08:03 PM

Twin Anchors?

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I'm off to Chicago next week. A couple years back I had some excellent ribs at Twin Anchors in Highland Park (I think). Anyone been there recently? Comments?

The only thing I've heard lately is that the restaurant was used in a movie but converted to look like a neighborhood Italian -- why do they do that? can't find a neighborhood Italian?

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    Clifford Abrams

    Twin Anchors is located on (i believe) Sedgewick--just west of Wells street in Chicago's Old Town neighborhood. No outpost in Highland Park far's i know. And, yes, the ribs are excellent--some of the best around. Good luck.

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    1. re: Clifford Abrams

      Twin Anchors is certainly old, and the Sinatra shrine cannot be denied (it was one of his favorite restaurants), but the ribs are so-so at best--especially when you can drive down to Lem's on 75th Street, which serves some of the best barbecue in the country. For sit-down white-people ribs, you'll do much better at Carson's; for Italian sit-down white-people ribs I recommend Biasetti's, up on Irving Park. (Completely off topic--went to Arthur Bryant's in Kansas City last week, which turned out to be the poster boy for Restaurants That Have Gone Downhill. Oh my lord, was the stuff bad.)

      1. re: j gold
        Patrick Thompson

        Bryant's bad? Say it ain't so! I was there three years back, and quite enjoyed the beef sandwich. What did you have, and what was the problem? Details, please!