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Oct 4, 1999 02:04 PM

fresh fish

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Hi, I just moved to Chicago and I am wondering if anyone knows a good fishmonger in this city; a place where one could buy really fresh tuna and swordfish and interesting seafoods. I am also seeking a japanese market that sells fish for making your own sushi.

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    Clifford Abrams

    The best (retail) fish market that i know of is the Sea Ranch, across from the Edens Plaza in Wilmette. Take the Edens (94) north and get off at Lake Street, East. You're there in about 1/4 mile. Turn right at the small mall. Very fresh fish and sushi. There's also a good Japanese grocery in the same mall. It's about 1/2 hour north of the Loop. You could also try the wholesale markets west of the Loop in the Randolph/Fulton market area--they sell very fresh but uncleaned or scaled fish, for the most part. Very nice, if you're up to it. Try Isaacson & Stein. Good luck

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      Try Yaohan in Arlington Heights, a japanese grocery store/department store.