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Jul 29, 1999 08:42 PM

Chicago late-ish dinner and lunch the following day recommendations

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Planning a stopover in Chicago, including Topolobampo
- anywhere else really really worthwhile, price no

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  1. Haven't been there yet, but reports from the extremely recently opened Tru, run by the couple behind the amazing Trio in Evanston, have been great. Reserve NOW.

    Other than that: ribs at Lem's; pork chops at Tufano's; sugar-cured ham and eggs at Lou Mitchell, just to name some things made out of pigs.

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    1. re: al pastor

      Thanks to all.
      Had a fabulous dinner at Charlie Trotters a couple of
      years ago, would love to go back, but...a bit too
      expensive for this occasion.
      As for things made out of pigs, the best type of meat
      eats in my opinion, Chicago is to be followed by rural
      (is there any other) Iowa, so no dearth of those,

    2. Charlie Trotter's is exquisite(provided that you don't
      expect a cheerful welcome from Charlie himself, who is
      not the most personable of chefs). And definitely

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      1. re: Sarah

        Yes, yes, yes! I had a marvelous weeknight evening
        there maybe 10 years ago, which still stands out as
        one of my peak restaurant experiences. Charlie didn't
        come out but my colleague and I had a long, friendly
        chat over dessert and coffee with the talented
        sommelier, who provided a terrific pinot noir.
        Exquisite and delicious - my plate of sorbets looked
        like an over-the-top Jackson Pollock, with every sort
        of fruit dribbled, scattered and painted across the
        plate - it was truly beautiful, before this sort of
        thing became common. Then, after such a prudent choice
        arrived a luscious, complementary creme brulee - once
        again, before this multidessert excess was common.
        I've yearned to go back ever since.

        1. re: Sarah
          Clifford Abramsc

          Charlie Trotter's is awful. The emperor has no clothes, and he charges you a fortune to stare at his nakedness. Finally, Mr. Trotter is not merely unfriendly, he is a stone jerk.

          1. re: Clifford Abramsc

            Hmm, that sounds like more than just a case of being underwhelmed by Charlie Trotters... am curious what draws such antipathy (other than the prices). I don't get around as much as many on this board, but my birthday dinner there 5 years ago was one of the most amazing food experiences I have had. And no attitude either, other than an exaggerated sense of prowesse: I explained that I do not eat ANY seafood (and I was born and raised in Annapolis, so it's not for lack of exposure)--and was told seriously, "well, try tonight's tuna. If you don't like it, *then* you can say you don't eat seafood." I agreed. He's a good chef, but no miracle worker--I walked away saying, "I don't eat seafood."

        2. Just got back from celebrating my 40th in Chicago -- wish I had thought to post here for suggestions. But to give you my high and low points I would suggest: Le Coloniel (French Vietnamese) Yummy as well as beautiful. STAY AWAY from Marche -- very mediocre food and irritating space. Salpicon was disappointing too. Interesting tequila selection though... Let us know how you fared in Chi-town!