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Apr 27, 1999 09:58 AM


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I will be in Chicago in a few weeks & need some recommendations on top restaurants (preferrably near Michigan Ave).

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  1. j
    jonathan gold

    We've discussed this pretty thoroughly lower
    down on this board, but in summation, at least
    according to me:

    Do go to one fiftyblue (one of the best new
    restaurants in the country), Frontera Grill
    (amazing Mexican food, no reservations), Gene
    & Georgetti (my pick for steaks), Okno
    (dead-on multiculti cooking for the techno age),
    the Hudson Club (great wine-by-the-glass bar) for
    drinks, and Harvest on Hudson (new American. We
    were mixed on Blackbird, but it is at least
    interesting. Ditto Soul Kitchen.

    Skip Crofton on Wells (cloying and bad), Spiaggia
    (wouldn't last a month in Manhattan), the Pump
    Room (drinks only), Arun and any truly expensive
    French restaurant that isn't Le Francais (way
    old-fashioned, way overdone).

    And consider the local food: Manny's (awesome
    deli), Tuscany or (my fave) Vernon Park Tap in
    Little Italy, Ann Sathers for Swedish pancakes,
    Parthenon in Greektown (nice lamb), double-yolk
    fried eggs at Lou Mitchell, Lithuanian sausage at
    Healthy food, ribs at Lem's or Leo's, Italian
    beef at Al's. Have a hot dog at Gold Coast if
    you can't make it out to Fluky's or Byron's.

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    1. re: jonathan gold

      Much as I respect Jonathan's palate, my one experience
      at 160 Blue was good overall, but quite mixed, and
      certainly not "great." But, as I said, it was only one
      experience, and perhaps atypical. One tip if you don't
      have a rental car: 160 Blue is in the middle of
      nowhere, and I waited for an hour for a cab to arrive
      after it had been called by the restaurant. Not a good
      way to end an evening! So if you go there by cab,
      either make advance arrangements for pickup after
      dinner, or call for a cab well in advance. Also, don't
      overlook the Frontera Grill's sibling restaurant,
      Topolobambo, located in the same building. You will
      need reservations at Topolobambo, and the menu is
      different. Last time I was in Chicago, I checked both
      the Frontera Grill and Topolobambo menus, and learned
      that Topolobambo (not Frontera) was serving fresh
      huitlacoche. For that reason alone, I made my
      reservation at Topolombambo. And, by the way, the
      huitlacoche was fabulous! Anyway, both places are