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Apr 4, 1999 08:32 PM

Off to Chicago

  • j

I am off to Chicago tomorrow (Monday) for the last of
the current round of trips...I have read the valuable
posts on this board and I am reasonably familiar with
the Chicago dining scene, but I am always on the
lookout for something new, unusual, or particularly

Any recent developments that I should know about? I
will be downtown, but I will have a car.


Jim Zurer
Washington DC

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  1. s
    stephen kaye

    hi Jim, check out scarola 741 grand , also arun's for thais, 773 539 1909. thx

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    1. re: stephen kaye

      Thanks Steven....La Scarola is at the top of my list.

      I have been to Arun's and am not a fan. I found the
      food okay, but the prices were ridiculous, even taking
      into account the ambience. I know it has its
      adherents, but I just don't get it.

      I will report on my experiences.

      Jim Zurer -- Washington DC

      1. re: Jim Zurer

        BRIO is a new "Spanish" style restaurant. I have not
        been, but the chef, Michael Tsonton is a recent
        transport from my town of Cleveland; wonderful and
        sorely missed here from Tutto a Posto,(a neighborhood
        restaurant which has never been the same since his
        departure). I would expect great offerings from his
        kitchen. Please post back if you go.

        1. re: Heidi

          Thanks for the tip....but I am already back home. I
          will file it for my next visit.

          Jim Zurer - Washington DC