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Feb 22, 1999 01:48 PM


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Enjoyed reading your work. I too love the quest of
finding good food. Please include Chicago restaurants
in your search. For one place, I highly recommend La
Scarola, 741 W. Grand Ave. The Italian restaurant is
run by two Mexican brothers and an Italian host. The
food is magical and the portions the size of a hub
cap. My salmon,the size of a brick, and its heavenly
herb and butter sauce made me close my eyes and reach
the stars. Don't come for dinner if you had lunch,
this place is heaven, and I know it!!!
Best to you,

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  1. You wrote: "Please include Chicago restaurants in your
    search." I'm not sure if you were addressing your
    post to a specific individual. But Chicago restaurants
    are most definitely included in the postings on this
    board. See, for example, the string started by Dave
    Feldman on July 13, 1998, subject "Chicago Ideas." As
    you will see from my postings to that string, my
    favorites in Chicago include Topolobamba and its
    neighboring sibling, Frontera Grill; Blackbird; a
    tavola; and Harvest on Huron.

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      Debbie Puente

      I had the pleasure of being in Chicago twice last year.
      My favorite restaurant was Spruce. But I could have
      eaten pizza every day too. Love Chicago pizza!


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      1. re: Debbie Puente

        I agree. Spruce was terrific when Keith Luce was
        running the kitchen. Alas, Luce is no longer at
        Spruce. He is now at The Little Nell in Aspen,
        Colorado. Luce's sous chef took over the kitchen at
        Spruce, but I haven't heard any reports on how he
        is doing. So caution is advised. Has anyone eaten at
        Spruce post-Keith Luce?

        1. re: Tom Armitage
          Debbie Puente


          Actually, I was there in November and Keith was already