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Sep 23, 1998 08:52 PM

Chicago: Arun Thai Restaurant

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I'm going to Arun Thai restaurant in about 2 weeks and
am anticipating something extraordinary. However, I
have read many different opinions about it. Can anyone
share with me their experiences of eating there?

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  1. I ate at Arun a year and a half ago on a business
    trip. The food is very good (although I've had
    better); I think what has made its reputation is the
    nouvelle treatment they give the food (nice
    presentation). Unfortunately, the portions are very
    small, especially considering the price. We tried to
    order several dishes and share among three people, but
    there really wasn't enough food to go around.

    Last word of advice; if you're going by cab, find a
    cabbie that knows their way around chicago. It's kind
    of out there, and ours got lost several times en route.