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Jun 20, 2006 07:08 PM

Little Inn at Bayfield Recs?

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Anyone ever heard of The Little Inn at Bayfield? I see their name pop up on food related sites and magazines.
Thanks for your help

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  1. Nice place, quaint setting in the Village of Bayfield. Never stayed, but ate there several years ago. Fine food, good service.

    1. I held my wedding reception there one year ago. The food is fabulous and service is top-notch.

      We weren't to impressed with the rooms, but some have since been renovated.

      If you go and are looking for another nice casual meal, go aross the road to the inn kiddie corner to LIB (I can't remember the name), but they have a pulled pork sandwich with the most amazing baked beans. YUM. I'm going back this summer just for those.

      1. Been there...last summer. Had a great lunch. Had a look at some of the rooms and they really have upgraded them. Going back this year, actually in a week's time I'll be up that way and visiting the town again on the wednesday. Lots of neat little shops there too. Bring lots of money!