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Jun 19, 2006 06:08 PM

Is Winnipeg really a Wasteland? (moved from Canada board)

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I posted a few weeks ago asking for suggestions in Winnipeg-ONLY ONE response! (for which I'm grateful)
I find it hard to believe that it's that bad in the capital of Manitoba. Please help me select some chowish spots for food in Winnipeg.
thanks for your help

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    I have never been myself - but apparently Osbourne Road is the trendiest part of the city, and a recommended organic restaurant on 230 Osbourne Rd is called something along the lines of The Dandelion...

    Good luck! I have heard that there may be slim pickings in Winnipeg.

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      Winnipeg is not truly a wasteland. I think the problem lies in that there do not seem to be many Winnipeggers who post on Chowhound.
      There are many great choices out there. Osborne Village is a very trendy location and if heading there I would recommend Basils(Greek/eclectic/tapas), Wasabi for sushi, and Fude for fusion style food.
      A bit further up Osborne is Mise (my favourite restaurant) which features amazing local/seasonal food.
      If I had to make a top 10 list for Winnipeg right now this would be it (hope it helps):
      Mise: regional/eclectic
      Ivory: Indian, nice atmosphere
      Spuntino: Italian
      Basils: Greek/eclectic/tapas
      Tre Visi: amazing Italian
      Stella's Cafe & Bakery: amazing breakfasts, garden burgers.
      Wasabi (Broadway & Osborne locations) : sushi
      Fusion Grill: eclectic/fusion/local
      Cafe 22: personal pizza's, cheap but good wine, nice atmosphere
      La Fiesta: El Salvadorian, don't go hungry as it is a slow process but worth it!

      Hope this helps!

      1. re: MCS

        Besides the restaurants already mentioned I would add EdoHei - japanese/sushi. The owner, Mr. Ono, was the first sushi restaurant in Winnipeg and he has trained the majority of sushi chefs in Winnipeg. Try the "chef's special", you pick the $ amount and he will create magic. I have a chowhound brother that lives in New York City and he claims EdoHei is THE BEST sushi restaurant he has ever eaten at. Gluttons chef is Mac Ono, Mr. Ono's son, also a great chef and very creative. I too vote for Fusion Grill, Inferno's Bistro, Bombolini is consistent and always excellent try their specials. Step'n Out is great too. There is a new restaurant on Osbourne called 7 1/4 that is supposed to be good. I haven't tried it yet. There are excellent restaurants in Winnipeg! Enjoy!

      2. re: diamondintherough

        The Dandelion Eatery :) Its pretty good, very fresh.

      3. I live in Toronto but my parents live in Winnipeg. I got this from my mother. She's passed on the message to a more her more chowish sister, I'll follow up when I hear more.

        My personal experience with Winnipeg tends to be more from my childhood or early adult years. More burgers and such. I wouldn't miss the Bridge Drive Inn on Jubilee in the summer for a milkshake.

        hope it helps.

        "We like Bombolini. It is very good but I don't think you can call it authentic. Inferno's Bistro in St. B. is also good. Belissimo on Waverley-Italian. Decanters-eclectic, Mirlycourtois-French in the Exchange District."

        1. Nope. Not a wasteland.
          I second the recommendations for Ivory and Fude. Also for authentic Ukrainian--Alycia's. It's not anywhere near the city centre so you'll need access to a vehicle.

          1. It's fricking cold in the winter if that's what you mean by wasteland. Other than that, a great city -- seriously, move the entire place (and the people) to any other warmer part of the world and it would be amazing. I grew up there, but live in Boston now.... a few other places I go to when I go back:

            1) VJs -- hands down the best burger place in North America. My ususal rituat is to get off the plane at about midnight and head straight there. Little shack on the corner of Main and Broadway. You want a "special" (or double special) and fries, in a box.

            2) Stella's: in osbourne village, just about anything is good there, great for breakfast or lunch

            3) BDI - ice cream

            4) Alycia's - John Candy's favorite perogi place, I was there around after he died and they appeared to have a bit of a shrine for him. Yum.

            5) Hy's - high end steakhouse -- it recently moved to a new more swanky location near portage and main (richardson building i think) -- I have to say i was disappointed with the new place. Trying to hard to be cool, I miss the old interior and the old waitors.

            Enyoy the city -- a great place in the summer, I'm headed there this friday -- will be at VJ's at about 12:30 PM. Cheers.

            1. I'm not sure which of these may have been mentioned already but there so many fabulous restaurants and food joints in Winnipeg.
              Here are my favourites:

              1) Confusion Corner Bar and Grill (At confusion corner) Average price $11-30 a plate depending what you're in the mood for. ****

              2) Spuntinos Cafe 926 Grosvenor Avenue - Fabulous Italian with the famous yummy little buns. (A little more expensive but worth it $20-40) ****

              3) Nikos on Corydon - Wonderful Greek. My fave is the chicken souvlaki. ($10-20 a plate) ****

              4) Nucci's Gelati on Corydon - Best Italian Ice Cream in the world. (About $5) *****

              5) The Current in The Inn at The Forks is amazing! Their entrees are decadent, beautiful and very reasonable. If you have a lower budget but still want the high class $250 dinner experience DEFINATELY check it out. ($16-$35 a plate) *****

              6) If you're in the mood for pizza Chicago Phil's on Donald is great. They make that world famous Chicago Stuffed Deep Dish Pizza. $11 for a two topping extra large on pick up and I think $23 for the Chicago Stuffed. ****

              7) Sweet Palace at 1425 Pembina in Fort Garry. Really yummy Indian Food. $14 all-you can eat dinner buffet. Don't forget to pick up a pound of sweet meats. ****

              8) If you're in the downtown area looking for a Cafeteria - The Convention Centre has excellent food! (Around $8-10) ****

              9) Palatal Restaurant on South Pembina (2790 Pembina) - Tasty Mongolian BBQ (About $20) ****

              10) Last but not least - Ichi Ban Japanese Steak House at 189 Carlton. Pricey but always delicious. ($30-$60) *****

              There are so many more but I decided to limit to 10. If you would like more then send a reply :)

              Bon App├ętit!