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Jun 15, 2006 12:22 AM

GOOD jerk sauce/paste in Calgary?

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I'm going to a friend's house to make a caribbean meal tomorrow, and I'm looking for a good source for jerk sauce..perferably in the SW, but anywhere in the city is fine. I'd make my own, but I don't have a decent food processer or blender there, so a good store bought will have to do. I've used Walkers Wood, and it's good..but if you know of any other good stuff, let me know. thanks!

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  1. There's a hot sauce/seasoning store that has opened on 12th Ave SW between 13th and 12th streets on the north side. I might be off by a block but it's in that area and they had Jerk sauces last time I was in. So far all the products I've bought have been very good.

    There used to be a Carribean grocery in Bridgeland on Edmonton Tr North bound past Il Sogno on the east side in the complex where the gas station (not Esso on Memorial) is. Not 100% sure it's still there as I haven't driven by lately.

    ever hungry

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      The carribean shop is still there, in the strip mall by the petro-can/mac's off of 1st Ave NE and Edmonton Trail. It would be worth a look.

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        Yup, the caribbean grocer is still there - Joy's caribbean foods. I highly recommend them. Joy make great rotis and goat curry, not to mention their patties.


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          Joyce makes OKAY roti, for Jamaicans. Sadly the only Trini place in Calgary is run by a woman from Tobago who does not even make crab dumplings or bake and shark, but makes pretty horrible roti and overpriced doubles. There is also the T and T Organettes social club, but (1) they don't have roti every day, (2) they are in the damn middle of nowhere up by the deerfoot mall, and (3) as a "social club" you have to endure smoke or take it to go, and for some reason the organettes' roti doesn't hold up well.

          I second Joyce for West Indian supplies. Superstores also have excellent "ethnic" aisles, better than Co-op and blowing Safeway out of the water.

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            Well, maybe i oversold Joy's rotis, but when i get a craving, they're almost the only game in town (at least near enough to my house, save for the What's Up cafe, which i'll also hit up every once in a while). I do miss the now defunct Spicy Luke's in Ottawa... they made a mean roti back in the day.

            I wonder if anyone's tried Sherry's in the southeast ( ) and can give a report


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              marco- sorry if I came off as snarky, as I do like Joy's roti a lot. I HATE that they insist on serving it with that insipid "salad" but in a pinch it's not bad- and sometimes it's terrific. I just wish we had a decent pure trini place.

              Never been to that place in Ottawa but have been to one (it was Granadian) near the Bytown Theatre. Nothing in the rest of Canada can compare with the best in TO, which by my standards (which I borrow from my trini hubby) is Island Foods at King and Dufferin. It's not as good as the real thing (again, with partner's guidance that would be Patraj Roti in Santa Cruz, TT), but is damn, damn good regardless.

              1. re: John Manzo

                Their patties are reheated frozen patties. I would suggest for those who like patties to go to the factory directly at Lloyds (up near Babylon and Tiffin Curry House) - 28th Ave just N of Memorial SE. They are fresh, have chicken and beef (spicey and not), and are excellent.

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            The store you're referring to is "Fire and Spice."

            There's another hot sauce place in the NE called "Hatari Bros." or "Some Like It Hot."


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              I live near there, and the last time i walked by, Fire and Spice has moved.

              New address:

              #7 675 Acadia Drive SE (Willowridge Plaza - beside Zanoubia Hair, Governors Pub, Willowpark Liquor Store and 7-11)

          3. joy of joy's caribbean catering, formally joy's caribbean foods, makes the best homemade jerk rub...better than boston bay or port antonio, from whence it originated.
            403 2951605 is the number and she can deliver it (you pay postage)...she is a great chef and can also make other greats like stew peas, rotis, etc...

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