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Jun 13, 2006 05:47 PM

Best Oyster Bar in Vancouver?

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SF chower again, and this time I am looking for the Best Oyster Bar in vancouver. Any Idea?
I found Rodney's online, any good?
thanks X10000000000

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  1. Searched over chowhound, looks like Rodney's is pretty good. But I couldnt find any price list on their website, what the oyster price range over there?

    1. Headed back up to Vancouver next week and want to sample some oysters. Last time we had pretty good luck at Rodney's. Any other suggestions?

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        Blue Water Cafe - look at for their oyster list
        Joe Forte's

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          No idea why I remembered this as I'm not a huge oyster fan but im_hungry posted on there being an oyster special at So.cial at Le Magasin in Gastown (see March 7/08 in linked thread)

      2. A GF and myslef have a monthly oyster fest together and we love Rodney's

        Also we have been to So.Cial, Joe Fortes, and Gastropod

        Also the deep fried ones at Nu are yummy.

        Prices vary depending on the type you want nad the season. my gf and I have been known to spend 85 bucks on about 40 oysters and a couple of beers each